Diane Fenster is an internationally exhibited digital photographer and photoillustrator. She began using the computer as an artistic tool in 1989. Her work has been called an important voice in the development of a true digital aesthetic. She views herself as an alchemist, using digital tools to delve into fundamental human issues. Her work is literary and emotional, full of symbolism and multiple layers of meaning. Her style is an innovative combination of her photography and scanned imagery. Her images appear in numerous publications on digital art and photography and she is a guest lecturer at many seminars and conferences.

Her well known photoillustration style is an outgrowth of the explorations she has taken with her personal work. Her commissions range from editorial to advertising to web.

On September 7, 2001 in Tampa, Florida Diane was the first artist to be inducted into the newly formed PHOTOSHOP HALL OF FAME sponsored by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and Adobe Systems, Inc.

The following excerpt regarding her art is from "Diane Fenster: The Alchemy of Vision" by Celia Rabinovitch and Diane Fenster: a chapter in "Women and New Media," edited by Judy Malloy published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press.

My work derives technically from two different mediums, from the computer which I first learned as a graphic design tool, and from photography which I initially used as "found" material in the vintage or family photographs that I used in my art. It also derives from the practice of photography itself which I began to explore in 1992 by taking my own photographs as a source for the images, or photomontages, that I had created with my earlier work. My experiments with photography opened a surprising new realm of meaning for my work, as I was able to find my own voice and create personal landscapes from images that persistently impelled me to photograph them.

You can view Diane's personal work created prior to 2000 at her art.net site. Fine art created from 2000 on is integrated into this site.